What’s our editing motto?

Female model standing with her arms up in a colorful dress.

What’s our motto when it comes to editing YOUR senior pictures? We believe in an organic editing process that shows the real you. 

We pride ourselves on a clean editing process that won’t strip away what makes you look like YOU. We also won’t apply crazy filters that make it look like we edited your portraits with an Instagram filter. We believe in editing that highlights beautiful light and colors while maintaining your skin tone and texture. Capturing the correct colors, exposure, pose and composition in camera allows us to use minimal editing steps to perfect the final image, resulting in an image that is the most true to you. 

Trusting someone to take your portraits can be difficult. When you book your session with JLP, you can rest easy – our images are bold, colorful and consistent. Your images will be a true reflection of your style, your personality, and who you really are. 

Ready to book your FALL senior session? Tap this link https://janicelouisephotography.com/contact and we’ll let you know about the next steps of booking your session! We can’t wait to show off your natural beauty!

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