What should I wear for my fall senior session?

Female high school senior in a plaid shirt and jeans sitting on a tree branch.

A lot of our seniors want to wear at least one casual look during their senior session and now that it’s fall, we’re seeing lots of beautiful chunky sweaters, slouchy cardigans, and flannels making their way into session wardrobes! Want to incorporate the cozy casual fall trend into your senior session? Here’s 3 tips to remember when opting for this look during your portrait session:

1. When you wear chunky or oversized knits on top, keep your bottoms slim cuts. Slim cuts are things like leggings, skinny jeans, or even close to the body relaxed jeans. Stay away from wide legged and billowy pants when wearing this look because all of that material will swallow you up and add a ton of mass to your body.

2. Look for a cardigan or flannel that skims the natural lines of your body: Not one that balloons out at the waist. I know super chunky cardigans are in right now, but they don’t do anything for flattering the body and just add a ton of weight to your frame.

3. Don’t stop at the sweater or flannel: Complete your look by polishing it off with boots, wide brimmed hat, and/or accessories to make it Pinterest-worthy and purposeful. Just throwing on a sweater or flannel may be perfect for everyday life, but these are senior portraits and completing your outfit is a must.

Want more fashion tips for your upcoming senior session?! Contact us at this link to get started: https://www.janicelouisephotography.com/contact.

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