What are Senior Portraits?

Senior pictures are the very last professional pictures you will ever have of your childhood. This is it. It’s very likely that the next time you have portraits taken, it will be on your wedding day. This is such an important time in your life, and honestly, it’s the only time in your life where you leave a part of you behind and become a completely different person. You’re crossing the bridge into adulthood. 

So why not make your senior portraits a memory in and of themselves with the most incredible senior picture experience? We’re not interested in just taking some pics of you and sending you on your way. No … we want to give you an amazing experience that will help you treasure who you are NOW before going off to college, finding your dream job, and living your life. 

If you’re ready for the best senior pictures experience in the area, fill out our contact form in the following link and we can talk to you about what our client experience is like and how we can help create this memory with you. https://www.janicelouisephotography.com/contact

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