Senior Session Myth

Senior sitting on a porch wearing a hate and light green dress.

“Professional photos aren’t that important. I’ll just get my friend with a good camera to take a few.”

Yikes! Yes… professional pictures ARE important! Why? You are smack in the middle of what we like to call a “life event” stage. What is a life event? Something you cannot do over again. Newborn pictures, wedding pictures, and senior pictures are literally the only kind of portraiture that cannot be reproduced at a later date. You’re only a senior about to embark on the rest of your life ONE TIME EVER. This is it!

Hiring a professional is so important to make sure that this time of your life is properly documented. Trusting just anyone with such an important task is a real gamble on the only thing you’ll have to remember this moment in your life by. Professional photographers know how to pose you, where the best light is, how to capture your personality, and so much more. Not to mention that we’re able to take high quality images that will stand the test of time vs some low quality, fuzzy pics that won’t make it the next 5 years. Investing in professional senior portraits is worth every penny!

If you’re ready to commit to the most amazing professional senior portraits in the area, let’s talk details! Fill out our contact form here:

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