Sierra | Senior Portrait Session | Milford, Delaware Photographer

Let’s start off by saying that Sierra has the best sense of style ever. When she showed up for her senior session in downtown Milford with these looks, I did a happy dance. It’s not too often that I get to do an urban senior session, but when I do, I’m one happy photographer. And, to top it off, she also was so comfortable in front of the camera. She moved so effortlessly + made my job super easy. I honestly could’ve photographed her all afternoon. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to read her story + check out Sierra in action during her senior film!

Sierra was born with a congenital heart defect, Transposition of the Great Arteries, and Ventricular Septal Defect. She bravely battled two open heart surgeries before the age of one. Her parents were amazed at the strength and ability of their sweet little girl to bounce back after each major surgery. Over the next few years Sierra led a happy, fun filled life, doing everything all children her age love to do.

Then on April 14, 2011, as she glided gracefully down the lacrosse field, her life changed forever. Without warning, Sierra had gone into cardiac arrest. If not for a couple off duty nurses who performed CPR, Sierra’s life could have been cut tragically short. Sierra was rushed to the hospital, and over the next few weeks she was consumed by tests and studies, to find out what was wrong. After recovering from the cardiac arrest and regaining her strength, Sierra bravely faced open heart surgery for the third time in her young life. Doctors made the necessary repairs and later placed a defibrillator in her stomach. Again, she made a miraculous recovery.

This has been a very difficult and painful journey for her. She has had to give up some strenuous activities, especially sports. Then February of 2013, she returned to A.I. Dupont to have her second defibrillator replaced due to growth. Fast forward to October 30th, 2015, Sierra’s defibrillator failed and shocked her multiple times. Her parents watched helpless while she was repeatedly shocked. It was determined that one of the leads had fractured and would have to be replaced.

Thankfully, Sierra’s life has gone on, the life of a miracle child who has beaten the odds time after time and is still warming the lives of those around her. If you’d like to support and follow along with Sierra’s journey, be sure to check out her Facebook page called “Team Little But Brave”. ❤️

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