If you have a graduating senior, bookmark this!

Female high school senior sitting on a park bench and coffee shop table and walking her dog.

As you begin to help your new college freshman pack for their big move, sometimes the transition can be a bit rough, and when emotions start to give them doubt, here’s a few things that will help them feel your love all the way from home. 

1. Pet Pillow: We all know fur babies aren’t allowed at college, so the next best thing is a custom pillow with their picture on it! Their best friend can still be there to hug when your new college resident gets lonely. 

2. Snack Subscription: This one will have your new college freshman full of happiness & tasty treats for those late night study sessions! 

3. Lovebox Digital Messaging Device: This amazing little box can help you and your loved ones stay connected by sending little notes and pictures to each other while you’re away at college. It alerts you when you have a message waiting for you and the surprise is inside! 

4. T-Shirt Quilt: take all of your freshman’s high school t-shirts and compile them into a giant quilt that will remind them of home and their high school memories every time they use it.

Have we forgotten anything? Moms of recent grads and college bound friends, comment below with anything we’ve forgotten on the list!

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