How We Handle Reschedules Due to Bad Weather

Weather in Delaware can be unpredictable, but don’t let that worry you when it comes to your senior session. 
Here’s how we handle rain reschedules! 

1. If there’s a forecast for rain on your session day, we become moderately obsessed with checking the weather. We’ll keep updating ourselves on what the weatherman has to say in regards to your session day and time. We’ll also call you and talk over our options if the weather can’t make its mind up! 

2. If we wake up on your session day and the bottom has fallen out of the sky, we will reschedule. Think about it … who would want to spend all that time in makeup and hair just to lose it all and look like a drowned rat for their senior pics? Absolutely NOBODY. We would never put you in that position and force you to take pics in the rain. 

3. If it has rained very recently, we will assess the ground. We will probably want you to sit on the ground for some of your pics, but we won’t be able to do that if it has soaked the ground and the sun hasn’t come out to dry it up. We also don’t want you to walk through a field or beach of quicksand. 

4. Even though it may be overcast, that’s actually BETTER for your senior pics! The entire sky becomes a diffuser for sunlight which can create the most beautiful light for your senior pictures. Colors are richer under an overcast sky and skin has a beautiful glow. Plus, at JLP, we use lighting. 

Phew! Did you know that much goes into rescheduling your session when it comes to the weather? We want your session to be your version of perfect and no matter what that is, we will make it happen! Click here to book your fall senior session!

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