How We Create Variety

There’s nothing worse than a senior session gallery full of image after image of the same pose, same location, same outfit, same everything. JLP strives to give our clients something different in their galleries and that is VARIETY!

Here are 3 ways we create variety in our senior sessions:

1. Wardrobe: we make sure to help you prep your wardrobe with tons of variety included. From colors and styles to seasonal trends and do’s and don’ts to tips & tricks, you’ll have the most amazing variety built in to your session wardrobe. 

2. Locations: we make sure to hit different locations for each outfit change to make sure it complements your wardrobe. If you have 5 different outfits, you’ll have 5 different locations. 

3. Makeup & hair on location: our team comes on location to your session to give you a different look for each outfit change. We’ve had clients go from waves to braids to half up messy buns all within one single session. 

If variety is something you want for your senior session, let’s get you booked today. We are booking for Class of 2024 spring and spots are selling fast. Fill out the contact form and we’ll send you our senior client brochure with our pricing and the steps to booking your JLP session.

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