Want a free checklist for 5 out-the-door items to bring to your senior session?

Snacks + Water: The best way to stay fresh throughout your senior session is to stay hydrated and fed. Believe it or not, these sessions can take it out of you and being prepared with some good calories and H2O is never a wrong decision. Bring snacks that you can easily pop into your mouth without having to bite into them and bring a straw with you to drink your water – these tips will SAVE your lipstick. 

Bug Spray: Depending on where your session is taking place, we recommend bringing bug spray with you to keep all the mosquitos and other flying terrors at bay. Make sure it doesn’t dry to a powder, which can accidentally turn your clothes white where you spray it. 

An Extra Outfit: Here’s the deal… things happen. One moment you’re changing for your next outfit, then all of a sudden you hear a big riiiiiiiip at the back of your dress. OH NO. Sometimes things like this happen and it’s always good to have a backup outfit to be able to replace it with. 

Lotion: Want that beautiful sheen to your skin that you see in magazines? That fashion secret is all about the lotion. Moisturized skin photographs much better than dry skin and can make you look fresh and dewy from the inside out! 

Click on this link https://www.janicelouisephotography.com/contact and we will help you remain fully prepared and calm on your senior session day!

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