Greta Senior Prom Session | Milton, Delaware Portrait Photographer

This spring in Delaware has sure been a rainy one! We had had two weeks straight of rain + we were all becoming a bit restless. One Saturday afternoon, we finally had a couple hours of sunshine, so I wanted to jump on the chance to do a session. I quickly contacted my friend to ask if her beautiful foreign exchange student, Greta, would be a willing model. How perfect was it that it was also the day of Greta’s first American prom! By the time I arrived at their house, a huge storm was rolling into the area. Wouldn’t that just be my luck?! Ha ha! We had to quickly get to the field + shoot as many images as we could get before getting poured on. I absolutely loved her cornflower blue prom dress against the vibrant yellow flowers.

Greta, you were so amazing … braving the quickly approaching storm, pollen, + wet fields. I hope your first prom was everything you dreamed it would be.


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  1. You capture beautiful images. Unfortunately my twins special birthday this year is happening during the Covid pandemic. I’ve had their portraits made every year for their birthday and Christmas. It’s their 13th birthday this year their right of passage from children to teenagers. I’m trying to find someone with that special eye to capture the last of their childhood and the spark of becoming a teenager. I need someone who can pick an outside location instead of the studio I feel with Covid and me having lupus sle which means no immune system it would be possibly safer. For their 12 year portraits we did beach shots, for Christmas 2019 we were at Milton Park at the old mini train station it was decorated nicely already and lights lit up both ladies who did the shots were like you that special talent. The only location coming to mind for me is the vineyard at Nassau Commons but I’m far from artistic lol.. if you could take us on Elizabeth and Ethan as well as myself would be so excited. Any suggestions for other locations would be awesome as well.

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