Did you know that JLP is the ONLY senior portrait experience in the area INCLUDES an on location hair and makeup artist?

Heck yes! That means that our stylist comes on the session with us to keep you looking your best! 

And WHY would you want an on location stylist to come with us during your session? 

1. Weather can throw a lot at your face during a session and wouldn’t it be great to know that no matter the heat or humidity, your stylist will keep you looking fresh and oil free for your entire session? 

2. Having an on location stylist means we can change your look throughout your session to give you the ultimate variety. We can change your lip color, add intensity to your makeup and change up your hair style to keep your style dynamic.

3. Touch ups have proven to keep our sessions running mistake free through all our clients. If you accidentally smudge your makeup or your hair runs your make up across your face, there’s no need to worry, because our stylist will be there to fix it. 

Do YOU want an on location stylist to come with you for your senior session?! Let’s get you booked. We are currently booking for FALL and only have a few spots left. Hit our contact form link and we’ll get your booking process started today! Here it is: https://www.janicelouisephotography.com/contact

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