Cupelli + Davies | Friend Prom Session | Milford, Delaware Senior Photographer

ladies in formal dresses

Kaitlyn + Kaitlyn have been friends since they were little.  And, no, I didn’t type that wrong.  They have the same first name … and it’s even spelled the same.  Isn’t that crazy?!  These girls are absolutely the sweetest + I completely understand how they were drawn to each other.  It was both of their first prom + so what better way than to celebrate than to capture it with photos?!  The ladies first met up with all of their friends at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center + then I whisked them away to a less crowded downtown Milford.  Unfortunately, our session was cut a bit short due to the misty rain that was falling, but we had so much fun capturing their friendship before they danced the night away.  Thank you, girls, for risking your fabulous wardrobe, hair, and make up to capture such a special evening for the both of you.  I hope it was everything you had hoped for + more!

Check out their slideshow below:

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