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Graduation Party Prep

Graduation festivities and parties are the ultimate way to celebrate your high school graduation. You’ve finally ended your senior year and it’s time to invite your loved ones and friends to commemorate it all with you. One of the best ways to make your senior graduation party extra special is to not only showcase your […]

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Class of 2025, It’s Your Turn!

Class of 2025 – it’s your turn! We have opened our session availability and are already booking sessions into fall! I bet you have all kinds of questions about JLP, don’t you? How our sessions run, our pricing options, what products we offer, timelines, etc.  These are our most frequently asked questions and we are thrilled

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How We Create Variety

There’s nothing worse than a senior session gallery full of image after image of the same pose, same location, same outfit, same everything. JLP strives to give our clients something different in their galleries and that is VARIETY! Here are 3 ways we create variety in our senior sessions: 1. Wardrobe: we make sure to

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3 Session Fashion Rules for Guys

We get it … senior guys usually hate having their pictures taken, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a hot mess in your senior pics. Taking the time to curate well put together outfits can launch your senior pics into the next level and have you looking amazing in no time. Be sure

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