3 Things to Ask You Potential Photographer

If you’re looking for a senior photographer right now and not sure what else to ask other than their prices, let JLP help you out! A lot can go into choosing the right photographer for you and we are here with three really great questions to make sure you hire the right one! 

1. Ask them to see a FULL session. Any photographer can post a few great highlights on their IG, but it’s important that the photog you hire can produce a full session of amazing images that are beautifully cohesive with great lighting, focus, and color throughout. 
2. Ask them what kind of CLIENT EXPERIENCE they provide. Some clients want a full blown session full of makeup and hair services, fashion guidance and an in person sales session afterwards. Some would rather have a quick session and just the digitals. Every photographer offers something different, so finding out what kind of experience each offers can help you decide who is best for what you need. 
3. Ask them about their TIMELINE. It’s good to know what months they are currently booking for, what the time period is between the session and the gallery delivery and how long it takes for products to come in. If you need something fast, a photographer with a more detailed process may not be able to get you what you need inside your time constraints. 
If you’d like to ask JLP these questions, send up an email. We’ll be happy to connect with you, answer any questions you may have, and even send you our client brochure with all the details about how we can work with you! Just click the following link: https://www.janicelouisephotography.com/contact

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