3 Reasons to Gatekeep Your Photographer

There are NONE! 
Instead, let’s discuss 5 ways to hype your photographer up and help your friends have the amazing portrait experience you had! 

1. Share your session BTS on your social media. Snap some selfies, outfit videos, etc, and if your photographer tags you, share those images and videos to your audience. Your friends are going to want to see your senior session experience.

2. When your sneak peeks are ready, post them on your social media + have your friends share them to their audience too! Ask your photographer to add you as a collaborator to their post, so you can showcase your sneaks in your feed too. 

3. Write up a testimonial + share it with your friends on your social media. Tell everyone how much you loved your senior session experience, your photographer, and your images. Bonus points if you post a video testimonial! 

4. Show off those stunning products. Whenever your album, canvases, or grad cards come in show them to your friends by posting them on your social media. Tag your photographer so they can show their audience too! 

5. Use the opportunity of “Senior Sunday” to slowly leak a few of your fave senior pics every weekend. Share a few from one outfit or a variety from your session that you want all your friends to see. Don’t forget to tag your photog to share your love! 

Ready for stunning senior pictures that you can’t wait to show off?! We are currently booking for fall senior sessions and our availability is running out. So now is the time to book! Click this link https://www.janicelouisephotography.com/contact to book one of our available dates for the Class of 2024!

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