3 of the Most Popular Reasons Our Clients Hire Us

We asked all our recent clients why they decided to hire us to be their senior photographer and we started to see patterns in their answers! We always feel so honored when a senior chooses us to capture such a momentous occasion in their lives, and hearing their “why” makes us squeal with delight! 

1. Our Editing Process: This was the number 2 answer we got from our clients. They love how natural our images look – especially our clients’ skin tones and textures. We think it’s important to not look overly edited or plastic in your senior pics and love that seniors are hiring us because of that! 

2. Our Session Prep: Most of our clients mentioned how they love that we handle the entire prep process for them. We give you tons of resources and helpful tips and tricks so that our clients can come to their session without worrying if they made the right wardrobe choice or having to do their own makeup and hair on their session day. It’s a big burden off their shoulders! 

3. Word of Mouth Raves: This is the number 1 reason seniors book us! Most of our clients came to us through a friend of theirs who raved about their session with us. We know how important it is to hear about someone else’s experience with a brand before committing yourself, so the fact that we had so many clients come to us through a friend means the world to us! 

Ready to snag one of our last remaining October sessions before they’re gone?! Let’s do it! We can’t wait to photograph your senior pics! Fill out our contact form in the following link to get started! https://www.janicelouisephotography.com/contact

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