3 Common Senior Wardrobe Mistakes

Philadelphia high school senior session on the top of a parking garage with the city skyline in the background

1. Same style throughout every outfit: Don’t show up to your senior session with the same kind of clothing piece (for example, maxi dresses) or the same vibe (for example, sophisticated) for every single outfit. Get some variety in there! Bring different kinds of pieces like denim for one outfit, then a formal gown, then a skirt or some shorts and make sure they range from casual to sophisticated and everything in between! 

2. Colors that don’t complement your skin tone: Wearing the wrong colors for your skin tones can make you look washed out and very drab. To stay looking fresh and your best, go with colors that are known to fit your seasonal shades, like warm, cool, or neutrals. 

3. Outfits that aren’t authentic to you: Don’t wear something you’d never normally wear. The last thing you want to do is look back on your senior pictures years later and wonder what you were thinking. Stay true to you when it comes to your outfit selection! 

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